Why Regular Maintenance of Your Home’s Exterior is So Important

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

The constant exposure to the elements that each season brings can take their toll on your home exterior. Once the dirt and debris set in, it’s only a matter of time before mold develops in hidden crevices and mildew starts to grow behind walls and roof shingles begin to deteriorate. Dirt can also cause ugly patches on your home’s exterior as well as damage to its paint job if it isn’t removed regularly. Not only does regular SoftWashing clean away dirt that would normally have built up throughout each season, we have outlined the top three reasons why regular SoftWashing of your home’s exterior is so important.


  1. SoftWashing Helps Prevent Further Damage

As weather can be extreme, it is extremely important to keep your home’s exterior clean and protected. SoftWashing uses safe chemicals to aid in the break-down of contaminants and infestations so they can be easily washed away. The products used in the SoftWash System don't just clean -- they penetrate, sterilize and eliminate the root of the problem, while inhibiting future growth of mold, lichen, mildew, moss, and other environmental contaminants, keeping your home safe from the destruction that they cause.

  1. Regular SoftWashing Can Prevent Costly Roof and Siding Replacement  

Having your home SoftWashed on a regular schedule will not only keep your home looking its best but will also wash away the environmental contaminants that cause damage as noted above. Moreover, those stains and streaks on asphalt shingles are not only unsightly, these stains are actually destroying your shingles, shortening your roof’s life span. When it rains, the algae spreads, causing more black streaks and stains. If these stains are left untreated, the black streaks will continue to grow causing lichen, which will then grow into moss. When moss and algae are allowed to grow, their roots penetrate the shingle furthering the deterioration and destruction process. A roof replacement can cost thousands while cleaning your roof regularly with SoftWash will return your shingles to like new condition at a fraction of the cost. The same goes for the damage that dirt and debris can cause on your siding, which can cause the need for a costly re-painting and/or replacement of your siding. Having your house cleaned by professionals rather than fighting against those elements yourself is always going to be more cost-effective 

  1. Regular SoftWashing Maintains Curb Appeal

Nothing compares to how a clean home looks. It instills a sense of pride for not only you and your family but for your entire neighborhood. Regular SoftWashing ensures your home’s curb appeal is maintained year round. Setting up SoftWashing on a regular schedule ensures that your home remains free from unsightly and damaging dirt, mildew and grime so that it looks like new all year!

Regular SoftWashing of your home’s exterior is important to keeping your home looking its best all year round and preventing costly damage. We serve the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex and surrounding areas and specialize in Residential, Commercial and Multi-Unit. Soft Washing is the safe, environmentally friendly alternative to power washing. We are proud to be Veteran Owned & Operated. For more information, call us at 972-402-6810 or contact us here.