SoftWash Drone Technology For Commercial Exterior Cleaning – The Safer, Faster and Environmentally Friendly Choice

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Commercial property owners have relied on traditional methods such as SoftWashing and power washing, with large crews hoisted up on scaffolding and boom lifts to get the job done. Our SoftWash drones provide a safer, faster and environmentally friendly alternative for Commercial SoftWashing. Here’s why:


  1. SoftWash Drones Are Safer

SoftWash drones avoid placing workers in harm’s way in performing dangerous cleaning jobs. There is no need for workers to be hoisted up in the air on boom lifts or scaffolding, which can be extremely dangerous. In addition, time spent getting workers in and out of safety harnesses and on and off of equipment such as boom lifts and scaffolding is a thing of the past. What’s more, having workers so close to the exterior while cleaning can expose them to mold and the possibility of inhaling or being splashed with environmental contaminants as the water and cleaning solutions are being applied.


  1. SoftWash Drones Are Faster 

SoftWashing drones can clean a commercial building faster than a person – almost 5 times faster -- while ensuring that commercial exteriors and structures are thoroughly washed with even the hardest to reach areas covered. SoftWash drone cleaning also reduces the number of workers needed for each job as often only one person is needed to man the drone and surrounding areas. Even with reduced staff on site, the job is done quickly, safely and efficiently due to this superior technology.  


  1. SoftWashing Uses 100% Eco-Friendly Products 

The products used in SoftWashing aid in the break-down of contaminants and infestations, so they can be easily washed away. Our products are water based and biodegradable, meaning they break down into carbon and water within 20 days of their introduction into the environment, leaving no contaminants behind that can harm people, pets or the environment. Plus, SoftWashing consumes only one-third of the water that power washing does and the products used in the SoftWash System don't just clean -- they penetrate, sterilize and eliminate the root of the problem.


Trust the professionals at Patriot SoftWash to ensure your commercial property is safely cleaned with minimal impact on the environment using drones for enhanced worker safety and time savings on properties that are multiple stories high. We specialize in Residential, Commercial and Multi-Unit. SoftWashing is the safe, environmentally friendly alternative to power washing. We are proud to be Veteran Owned & Operated. For more information, call us at 972-402-6810 or visit: