How A Clean Business Exterior Can Improve Business

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Have you ever walked up to or driven past a business and thought that the exterior looked dirty? If so, chances are you’ve wondered if the inside was also dirty and how that may affect the quality of the business’ products or services. Oftentimes, a dirty parking lot with a clean storefront can make customers question what goes on inside. SoftWashing your commercial property exterior can make a great first impression on your customers and give your business the “curb appeal” that customers desire while showing them you care about cleanliness and take it seriously. Here are the top three reasons why the cleanliness of your business exterior is so important and how a clean business exterior can actually improve business.   


  1. A Clean Business Exterior Will Attract More Business

Nothing shows customers that you care about cleanliness more than a clean business exterior and interior. A clean business shows pride in one’s company, product or services and it is that pride and investment in ensuring that the foundation of the business centers around cleanliness that will attract more business. 

  1. SoftWashing Your Parking Lot Reduces Risk Of Falls

Mildew or algae on your walkway or sidewalks and oil spills in your parking lot are not only unsightly, they could be slippery and cause a customer to slip and fall. Slip and fall accidents are as easily preventable on the outside of your business as they are on the inside. Just like you  wouldn’t leave a puddle of a slippery substance on the floor inside or dirt and grime to build up on the interior where a customer or employee could slip and fall, you also want to make sure that the exterior of your business is also free from these unsightly hazards. Not to mention, slip and fall injuries can cost business owners quite a bit of money in litigation and raised insurance premiums.

  1. SoftWashing Reduces Pests

Regular SoftWashing deep cleans and prevent odors on the pavement and loading areas around your commercial property. Left untreated, debris, dirt and grease can attract pests like rats, mice, raccoons, skunks and insects like cockroaches and flies. Pest infestations can also cause a potential health hazard as many pests carry diseases. Another concern is that infestations do not always remain outside when inclement weather arrives as the critters may move inside for more food or a safer shelter. It is especially important for businesses that sell food to ensure that their exterior and interior are kept clean though no matter the type of business, any pest can be a problem.


The products used in SoftWashing aid in the break-down of grease and contaminants so they can be easily washed away, not only cleaning but penetrating, sterilizing and eliminating the root of the problem, while inhibiting future growth. Keeping pest away will keep you from costly non routine exterminations, damage created by the pests and the legal and reputational risks of having a business with known pest problems.


SoftWashing your commercial property not only attracts more business, making you more money, but also saves you money on costs associated with injuries and infestations that tend to occur on properties that aren’t regularly maintained. We serve the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex and surrounding areas and specialize in Residential, Commercial and Multi-Unit. Soft Washing is the safe, environmentally friendly alternative to power washing. We are proud to be Veteran Owned & Operated. For more information, call us at 972-402-6810 or contact us here.